Creative Projects

Melanie Bayoud is the creator of so many art projects around the world, from Singapore and Malaysia to London and Australia. From painting on the walls of a hotel to completely renovating an antique piano.

The Nest House, Boutique hotel Melaka
Roof Wings, Nest House Melaka
1.6 Meter steel feather door handle, Nest house Melaka
32 Macrame plant hangers, Café in Dubai
Kinex Mall, Singapore
Kinex mall, Singapore
50 shades of Borneo wall mural and interior design for UMAI café in TTDI Malaysia
Mural for a meditation and Yoga center in Damansara KL Malaysia
Mural in the gym of PARK ROYAL HOTEL PENANG
Design and artwork for Steel Laser cut sign with rear lighting PARK ROYAL HOTEL PENANG GYM
OWL mural Park royal hotel Penang
Headphone mural at the entrance of the gym PARK ROYAL HOTEL PENANG